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  1. Nitai Gaur Premanande Hari Hari bol :)
    My heartiest thanks to Srila Nitaipreshth ji for giving this glorious chance to chant Nitai Gaur Mantrarajas..I beg at the Lotus feet of Srila Gurudev to please keep me under His divine shelter.
    Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna!
    Jay Srila Prabhupada!
    Jay Srila Gurudev!

  2. Dear Nitaipreshthji

    I really need help but I’m finding it difficult to get an answer. I only chant one exclusive holy name – Nitai. That’s my only spiritual practice but I chant it at least 1728 times each day. As you are the one who has kindly propogated the name of Nitai please kindly help me to know the proper pronunciation of Nitai. I need to know the closest English equivalent of each syllable in Nitai so I can put them together and pronounce Nitai as accurately as possible. I will try to post my specific query here:
    Is the ‘Ni’ in Nitai pronounced like the English word ‘knee’?
    Is the ‘t’ in Nitai pronounced like the ‘th’ in the English word ‘thick’?
    Is the ‘a’ in Nitai pronounced like the ‘ar’ in the English word ‘car’?
    Is the ‘i’ at the end of Nitai short or long – I mean is it pronounced like the ‘ee’ in ‘feet’ or like the ‘i’ in ‘big’?

    Prabhu, would you kindly satisfy my query or ask one of your trusted and expert disciples to please reply to me soon? I am eagerly awaiting your reply.


    • Joy Nitai!!!! So so delighted to hear about your devotion to Lord Nitai and His holy name. Ni is pronounced as “knee” in English, that is correct. You could also think of ‘ni’ as in the word omni. ‘Th’ is like ‘thick’ or Thailand. It is the long Aa for ‘ai’. The ‘ee’ is long, but it is not a prolonged stretch, like how you say ‘eye’….it ends like that. Sorry if I am unclear, please let me know if yoi have any more doubts.

      • Joy Nitai
        Dear Nitaisevika Dasi

        Thank you so much for such a prompt and kind reply. Your reply has been very helpful. However, please excuse me, due to my lesser intelligence, I’m still confused about something. If the ‘ai’ in Nitai is pronounced like the English word ‘eye’ won’t this mean that Nitai has only two syllables (Nee-Taai) instead of three? I have been chanting it by actually pronouncing it as three distinct syllables like this: “Nee-tha-ee” but now I think I must have been chanting it wrong.

        However, I think that all my confusion may be cleared up if I pose my query like this:
        If I combine the pronunciation of the English word ‘knee’ with the pronunciation of the English word ‘thigh’ (which rhymes with ‘eye’), would I then have the correct pronunciation of Nitai – i.e “knee-thigh”?

        Sorry for posing such tedious enquiries but you are a Nitaivadi so you will understand my eagerness to get the Lord’s name as right as possible. And maybe this query will help others who see this comment and your reply. Thank you.